Vegetable Planning Guide


Click the link above to download the Excel Spreadsheet.

Veggie Guide on Google Docs

veggie guide

The Vegetable Planning Guide is a resource designed for easy planning in the garden. This table uses a last frost date to determine approximate planting dates for commonly grown vegetables. After downloading the form, you can input your own last frost date, and the dates will adjust accordingly.

Included in the form are:

  • Planting Date: Earliest date available to plant seeds or transplants to avoid frost damage to the latest date to plant and still produce a viable crop.
  • Days to Maturity: Days from transplants or seeding until plant maturity or harvest.
  • Seed Starting Date: Dates to start indoor transplants to ensure transplants are ready on time. If no information is listed, plants should be started outdoors from seed.
  • Harvest Date: Approximate date of first harvest.
  • Spacing: Minimum spacing between single plants
  • Fall crop planting date: Currently a static date range: does not change with frost date.
  • Yield: An approximate yield for an 100 foot square area, or a 10 foot square bed planted entirely with one crop.

Dates are all approximate. Studying specific plants and varieties will result in more accurate information. Refer to information on seed packets, catalogs or at a local garden center.

This is developed for gardens with warm summers and cold winters, similar to where I live in Utah.

Additional Resources:


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